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Project "Friendship in Box"

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Project "Friendship in Box"
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During two time periods of eight months each, the four volunteers from Spain and Italy will be active participants in working youth groups which will be organized in accordance with the project at the Daily care center for disabled children and the House for elderly people Nr. 3 in Kazanlak.

The participating volunteers will be given the opportunity to be involved in the routine activities of our organization and our partners, focused on the formation of a sense of tolerance and empathy towards the children that are different, and change of people’s prejudices towards disabled people and elderly people, as well as improving the image of the local institutions and organizations. The project’s main goal is through volunteers’ activities and art-therapeutic sessions with the partner organizations, the children to be taught systematically to accept the different people and to create messages of friendship with the other children. The volunteers will have the chance to learn more about the disabled children who are grown in a family environment, and the concomitant issues. The project will also be focused on the youth initiatives of the EU as a means for assisting citizens’ initiative and motivation, and increasing young people’s adaptivity abilities and their skills for working with disabled children and tolerance towards the elderly. Other activities will be: organizing meetings with various experts in fields, in which the volunteers are interested and assisted by the experts, and popularization of the project through publishing a newsletter “The(Y) volunteers”.

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