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.Youth Exchange

Youth Exchange "HELP- Healthy environment, Less Pollution", Campina, Romania

  From 12 to 22 November 2018, the youth exchange "HELP - Healthy Environment, Less Pollution" was held in Campania, Romania,...

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.Youth exchange

Youth exchange "YES! for being active and eco" in Poland

After our long trip, Zakopane welcomed us with snow, delicious soup and happy people....

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.YE  “Gender Equality Now” Romania.

YE “Gender Equality Now” Romania

From 05.11.2017 until 11.11.2017 in the lovely valley of Doftana river (Romania) was carried an Erasmus+ youth exchange with participants from Turkish, Slovak, Romanian, Finnish and Bulgarian NGOs....

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Main goals of  NGO“Youth development center-mutual aid” are:

To support the development of young people by helping them to develop their physical, creative and spiritual qualities to be good citizens of Republic of Bulgaria

The preservation of the culture and history of the Bulgarians;

The creation of favourable conditions for the realization and distribution of creative ideas and products, contributing to the encouragement of the understanding and friendship among young people in the region;

The encouragement of organizing, financing, development and implementation of events for the promotion of the works of young talents and for the realization of other activities to help discover and support young artists;

The creation of favourable conditions for the promotion of the culture and arts of the Balkans peoples and the peoples of Southeast Europe in the rest of Europe and the world;

The creation and maintenance of contacts with physical and juridical persons from the country and abroad, conducting activities similar to those of the Association Youth Development Centre – Mutual Aid;

The encouragement of organizing, financing, development and implementation of projects for the development of international youth exchanges and tourism with the purpose of mutual acquaintance of the young people from the countries of the European Union and Central and Southeast Europe

The building of civil society moral values and categories such as unity and loyalty

The creation and development of a dynamic and competitive investment environment; the organizing of alternative youth and civil forms and activities for the free time

The support of the developmet of quality education with practical applicability;

The encouragement of communication, contacts and joint projects in the system of Healthcare as well as the support of health workers in obtaining higher qualifications

The raising of the eco-awareness of the Bulgarians and the protection of the environment;

The support for the successful European integration of the country;

The encouragement of organizing, financing, development and implementation of social   patronage.

EVS  accreditation 2012-BG-28

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